Stereo Vision:

This project is a sub project of MiniMe.


Another one of those interesting topics. Being able to notice objects shifting, measuring how far they are away or how big they may be just from some calculus and lots of code. Coding will obviously be my biggest challenge .

Sept 22, 2014: I started looking into object recognition video piping, and video streaming amongst other topics.

The way I plan on approaching this problem is by using the Left Raspicam to recognize an object(s), record the X,Y, position(s) of boarders or corners of the object(s). If the command is to follow the object than send new pan/tilt co-ordinates to the main Raspi so that the object is in center of the image. The second (Right) Raspicam will record it’s own X,Y, position of the same boarders or corners. It will then take the Left Raspicam’s X,Y, positions and based on the two calculate the (distance) F co-ordinate.3D depth image

To start of I went with the simplest step, streaming video. I used an example form Miguel ““.  Now that I can see what the camera sees I will be able to take the next step of object recognition using openCV.