Super might be a strong word.

Following the steps outlined by Southampton University on setting up a cluster of Raspberry Pi computers.

So I have started the cluster of RaspberryPi computers. After reading the information from Southampton’s PDF on the cluster and the ancillary pages that the article references I started to go through the steps of setting up my own cluster.

I ended up doing some parts differently than what was written. I used a newer version of MPI, and so point 13 was changed from “mpich2” to “mpich3”, additionally I downloaded the MPI file from a different location which than changed point 15 “”. Besides this the rest of the steps were the same.

Once I got to point 37 and was able to get two raspi’s working I physically assembled the cluster so that I could get the cables tidied up and simply have everything in one spot. Below is the cluster with all the raspi’s connected to the router and talking. IMG_0787At this point I will repeat the steps to expend the cluster to all 10 raspberrypi computers.

This project is a sub project of MiniMe.